SLES 11 Sp1 DNS reset config question

We have just moved onto SLES 11 SP1 with OES 11 Sp1 and the consultant had the DNS running by way of YAST. However I came in today and had to add one more DNS record and now nothing will resolve to internal DNS names. We only have 8 DNS records so redoing the config is no issue.

I have tried doing a reboot of the server / removing the entry as well as the whole zone. But nothing not even the server its self can resolve the dns.

rcnamed status shows its running.

Is there a way to start the DNS config from scratch?

Just wondering,

Our computer consultant was able to fix the issue remotely. Once I find out more on how he fixed it, I will post back what he did.


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We have just moved onto SLES 11 SP1 with OES 11 Sp1
That is an unsupported combination. You might want to check the output
cat /etc/*release
to ensure you are on a supported combination, either
SLES11 sp1 with OES11 sp0 or
SLES11 sp2 with OES11 sp1

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