New dockerized app service via rancher

Hi there,

we want our application available in multiple versions for many people under public web address dynamically.
e.g. application in different versions under different web adress.
Is this something that can be achievded using Rancher ?

Where we want to get with rancher and docker:

  1. customer takes action to get a new app instance
  2. new docker containers get started for application
  3. App Instance becomes publicly available ( e.g. “” or “”)

Lets say we use AWS do i have to execute Rancher in AWS?

How can the access to the applications be handled, with some kind of DNS Server?

Whats the best starting point here cattle, kubernetes or swarm ?

I know this is type of a general question but as i read and read docs and articles i’m feeling a little bit confused right now.
Maybe somebody knows a good tutorial or kind of documentation where i can start with?