Windows features missing from 1.5?

As far as I understood, rancher 1.5 was supposed to introduce support for Windows containers more integrated with a linux-based setup. Was this dropped/cancelled?

any news on this? I can’t see any windows-specific features in 1.6 either.

The Windows feature is still around as experimental and we haven’t really added anything since as we already concentrating on 2.0 which includes a newer UI and scale/perf improvements. We have gotten some feedback to the current implementation and are looking to add it with our 2.x release sometime after Q3. Do you have any thoughts or opinions on how it currently works? Would the mixed environment of still requiring Linux hosts be ok?

I would be totally fine with requiring Linux hosts. What got me fired up was that the “virtual meetup” mentioned the ability to use Linux-based load balancers in front of Windows containers. This is exactly what we need, so I’ve kinda been waiting patiently for it (hoping it would be introduced in 1.5). As long as “windows” and “linux” are in separate environments it would take a lot of wiring up load balancers across the two, which is what I am hoping that the platform will take care of for me. Even a “simplified” (less feature-rich) load balancer experience for Windows containers would probably get us a long way.

Ok, sounds good. We originally came up with this due to the difficulty of porting our LB and DNS to Windows. We have delayed further improving it to GA due to the fact we are working on other priorities at the moment. It is something we will revisit as soon as 2.0 has shipped. We are looking at end of Q3 or later though. We have vetted some of this with users/customers that have also expressed interest and based on those feedback, we will see what we should or should not implement for the final solution.

Ok,thanks for the clarification. Been waiting in the dark for that info for months, but good to finally know what’s happening.