new service request do not recognize account information


I want to send a service request, but when I try to select an account
its grayed out.

I have tried to jump into the page via my entiled partner software, and
also go in via swapping to my customers software ( from my login page -
I’m registered as Admin for them to)
It seems like my account is not fully registered at Microfocus, or I am
not given the oportunity to create servicerequest at all.

What next ? Shall I just go on without account information - this way
will have no way to backtrace my request i suppose - or do you have some
good Ideas for me?



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Make sure that, under Manage Users in the Customer Portal, your account
is enabled for Support for required products. Then also make sure that
maintenance has been purchased and is still currently valid.

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If the previous suggestions do not work, could you please ask your
customer to recreate your admin account in their portal?

Let us know please.



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