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I created an SR Ticket pertaining to a problem related to ZCM 11.
Upon escalating my request to 2 level support, I only received 1
respond and after that i receive no status update within 2 weeks now.

I tried sending a follow-up email but still no respond. I even ask our
Account Manager from SuSE to provide assistance but mentioning i should
contact a 1-800 support line?
I’m thinking of escalating this matter to higher management that i know
off but wanted to try this option and see if my concern will get look

This is the first time that I experience such poor SLA. I’m now having
doubts about the “Priority ZENworks Configuration Management Enterprise”
that our company avail because it doesn’t seem to provide any benefits
from us.

I hope this incident can be look into. If you can provide a contact
person that i can escalate this, that would be highly appreciated.



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Yes, for some reason this SR is stuck on our side. I have the teams
looking into what’s wrong.

I would also recommend you call the support line anytime your SR is not
meeting your expectations and review with the Support Manager.


Todd Abney
Technical Support Director


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