Nginx deployment based image, forward stdout / stderr

We have a nginx-proxy deployment which creates logs which as far as I can see are symlinks stdout and stderr files


They are showing clearly in Rancher UI Logs console, but we want to forward that ouput to a fluentd pod which is already successfully collecting logs from other pods running int the same namespace, tried different approaches even using the Banzai Marketplace app but not joy

Rancher UI > Deployment workload | Pod | three dots | > View Logs

Any thoughts about how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance

I think you have to look into the stdout plugin of Fluentd. stdout - Fluentd
Have you tried that one?

Thanks DaveyH,
I tried with forward and http without too much luck, but I will give a try to the stdout plugin

Found the solution with syslog output plugin and protocol UDP

Nginx uses UDP packets when redirecting logs to a syslog server, fluentd forward plugin was just not dealing with them until I changed to use syslog and UDP output instead, once done packages were redirected to fluentd selected output, for this test was a mongodb logs database, but they could be send to splunk or any other centralised login option