Rancher 2.6 Charts:Logging

Rancher Market Place: Charts:Logging (100.1.3+up3.17.7)
The logging app has been installed in the cluster

Trying to make work a namespace flow and output

There is a Deployment workload within a running pod creating logs, I am trying to send those to a fluentd workload and pod running in the same namespace

There is an internal Fluentd http local instance port 24224 where logs should be sent

Tested Fluentd with a workload of an “appropiate/curl” Docker Image

On the shell launched
curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{“message”:“juan+test0957z”,“test”:“03”}’ http://fluentd:24224

Confirmed that Fluentd instance picked up the logs and send them to MongoDB

Tried to use the app for creating a flow, selected the workload where the logs will be pulled from, created an Output and tried a couple of combinations but it’s not working, any given help will be very much appreciated

  • Type syslog
  • Target the fluentd host and port
  • transport tcp
  • insecure
  • json

Type fluentd targeting the same host and port