Nginx-ingress on Rancher, authentication using Oauth2

Hi All, Hope you are all well during these trying times.

I would like to enquire whether anyone has successfully connected their Rancher 2.X load balancer to Azure AD for example (Or Github etc) using something like oauth2_proxy or the likes?

I have attempted it multiple times and just do not seem to be able to get it right and it appears there is very little information on how to achieve this.

My scenario:

Rancher deployment on premise.
nginx-ingress serving traffic on worker nodes.

Would like to use Azure AD to authenticate user access to API’s behind Nginx-ingress.

Would really appreciate if somebody could point to me to a working guide or if they have a working deployment, a few tips would be great.

Ok So I have worked out how to get this up and running when using a browser to access the API, but no I need to work out how to get it working via a bearer token.

Any 1 got some experience here?

I will post the details regarding my working setup with a browser shortly.