No more rancher/agent-instance?

I saw this in the announcement email:

Note: With our new infrastructure services, we no longer launch a network agent and have moved to a specific HAProxy image for load balancers. Therefore, we no longer need rancher/agent-instance.

I read the link, get what you have advanced in environments and templates, but no more agent-instance? Is there a blog write-up somewhere on the architectural changes?

Did you check the release notes?

Sure did… which was identical to the email. Probably because I got the email because I am subscribed to that topic…

Agent-instance confused everyone because it had the word agent in it. And there can be different implementations of e.g. networking so packaging them all together no longer makes sense.

There are just separate images for IPSec (or vxlan), HAProxy, etc now.

Ah, got it, thanks @vincent. Yeah, you are right, it was confusing from early on. I distinctly remember conversations in the forum explaining each one.