Outdated section on troubleshooting documentation regarding agent-instance

While troubleshooting our rancher agents (since some nodes are re-connecting all the time, discussion will be another issue) I went through the rancher troubleshooting page where I saw that it still mention the following:

$ docker ps | grep 'rancher/agent-instance'

well on the recent rancher version, there are only rancher/agent and rancher/agent-state, there is no rancher/agent-instance anymore as far as I know.

I guess your documentation needs a real update (beside the visual update which was done recently).


The documentation regarding troubleshooting is not out of date. This is correct troubleshooting if your containers cannot ping each other. (The section that you refer to).

When you launch a service (i.e. container on a host), it launches a network agent (which is a container that uses the rancher/agent-instance).

The documentation is as up to date as possible.