No provider found - what to do?

am new at SUSE Linux, so this question may be “admin to stupid!”:
Its SLES 15.2 and I need to install ** libcap1-1.97-1.15.x86_64** for an ORACLE 19.8 Database.
I issue: yast --install libcap1-1.97-1.15.x86_64…
No provider of ‘libcap1-1.97-1.15.x86_64’ found
Does this mean libcap is unknown to SLES 15.2? Do I need to add a repository?

@“” Hi, yes you need to add a repository :wink:

SUSEConnect -p sle-module-legacy/15.2/x86_64
zypper in libcap1-1.97-1.15

You can search for package in SCC under ‘My Tools’ :wink:

Thanks. that worked…Too stupid to read manual

@“” that’s why Forums were invented :wink: Glad you got it sorted.