No sound via HDMI

I can’t get sound output via HDMI. A USB headset works. Is HDMI expected to work?

Sorry, sound via HDMI is not supported upstream yet, so it’s not in SLES for Raspberry Pi either. It requires the same interface that video en- and decoding uses for example, which is also not supported upstream (and thus not in SLES).

Interesting! Will the raspi cam work OOTB with SLES? Or with TW? How about the TW available for Raspi 2B (the old one, not the new one with the same ARM8 as raspi 3B)?

Will SLES run in the future on the NEW Raspi 2B with BCM2837 chip?

Nope… see ‘Does not work’ section…

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…but the new version 1.2 Raspi 2B is 64bit, so why won’t it work (although first tries indicate no succesful boot, potentially due to problems with device tree?).