No space left on device

Hello there,

I just deployed my first stack in rancher 1.6.x from the catalog - Elasticsearch. The deployment was unsuccessful in that the kopf container could not start. The stack is running in a degraded state with the following displayed for the kopf container:

(Container should have been running but is in error state. Check logs for more information.: Image [] failed to pull: failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): symlink /bin/which /usr/bin/which: no space left on device)

The /var filesystem was at 100% capacity. I realize that containers get deployed to /var/lib/docker/containers. The /var filesystem is only 4G in size. Is it possible move /var/lib/docker/containers to another filesystem with space and symlink it out? Could possibly use NFS but since this is for testing would rather symlink to another area for now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Additionally, what is the best way to stop rancher and all containers prior to performing the copy…

Thanks in advance.