First of all I wanted to give a commendation for SUSE. Its the very first Linux distribution that “just works”. Not even the free clone worked.

However, SLED 15 seems to be out. Not even Chrome is supported on SLED 15, but it is possible to install it easily.

I have a problem with finding a NodeJS+NPM package for this distribution. Most packages fail to install because a library is missing. I have just found one package that is working on SLED 15 but it contains NodeJS only. NPM is more important for me.

What are your recommendations? Do you have a package that is easily installable or should I do a downgrade to SLED 12 SP 3 where I don’t even know whether it will run on my system?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
There are a couple of options, add the following unsupported repository;

Ask to be added to PackageHub;