Not able to create custom cluster in VMs


I am try to setup Rancher 2.0 Single Node Installation with default as below

  1. Master
  2. Node1
  3. Node2
  4. Node3

when I run below in Node 1
“sudo docker run -d --privileged --restart=unless-stopped --net=host -v /etc/kubernetes:/etc/kubernetes -v /var/run:/var/run rancher/rancher-agent:v2.0.2 --server --token fx8jt775fcsgghxdsvpgk4fm8kc55wln2qjz4bdhv8vcbs2jjslbcx --ca-checksum d0942923f30d8ed7f81da784d2e6d798bbed7a1cf73834555f80fd46af5c1c53 --etcd --controlplane --worker”

I am getting below error in master

certificates.go:48] Failed to start certificate controller: error reading CA cert file “/etc/kubernetes/ca/ca.pem”: open /etc/kubernetes/ca/ca.pem: no such file or directory

[ERROR] cluster [c-mrkvr] provisioning: [workerPlane] Failed to bring up Worker Plane: Failed to verify healthcheck: Failed to check https://localhost:10250/healthz for service [kubelet] on host []: Get https://localhost:10250/healthz: dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused

I am not able figured what is issues. Please help me …


Search for CA cert in GitHub and the forum - that definitely look like some of the quirks people ran into (including myself). I would link them but I’m a bit short on time at the moment so I figured at this comment could help you…

The error is unrelated and a dummy for the functioning of Rancher, it will be looked at to remove it in a future release.

If you can post the output of docker logs kubelet on host we can see why kubelet can’t start.