Novell Login ID and NetIQ

My Novell Login ID works with and but not with

why ?


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sharfuddin;2245749 Wrote:[color=blue]

My Novell Login ID works with and
‘NetIQ Qmunity’ ( but not with

why ?[/color] uses a myNetIQ account whereas everything else uses the
same “The Attachmate Group” (formerly ID. I suspect that
given time will transition to using the same TAG ID.


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It’s all being consolidated. I went to and logged
in today with my Novell/SUSE credentials.

Kim - 2/11/2013 10:32:37 AM

FYI this was supposedly sent out to all NetIQ customers:

NetIQ Accounts Monday, February 11, 2013 8:36 AM >>>[/color][/color][/color]

Good Day,
Due to some last minute requirement changes, we were unable to roll out
the MyNetIQ integration on January 28th, as originally planned. Those
requirements have now been met, and we have rescheduled for today,
February 11th. Aside from the date, the information in the original
notification still applies (customer notifications were also sent out
last week).

Thank you,
—NetIQ Account Integration Project Team

—Original Message—
As many of you are aware, we will be cutting MyNetIQ over to eDirectory
and Access Manager authentication on January 28th.
While this change provides numerous benefits, it will also require some
changes for customers, partners, and employees. You are receiving this
message because your department or team may need to provide some
customer support during this transition. For your benefit, the
following are details on customer and employee impact:

Customers and Partners

Beginning on January 28th, NetIQ customers will no longer be able to
log in using their MyNetIQ credentials; they will need to have a Novell
account to access MyNetIQ. NetIQ customers will fall into one of four

(1) Has a MyNetIQ account and a Novell account with the same email
address – The two accounts will be automatically linked the next time
the customer accesses MyNetIQ. No intervention is necessary.

(2) Has a MyNetIQ account and a Novell account with a different email
address – The customer should change the email address on their Novell
account to match their MyNetIQ login. This will allow the accounts to
be linked when the customer accesses MyNetIQ. If the MyNetIQ email
address needs to be changed, the customer should contact Customer Care
with this request.

(3) Has a MyNetIQ account, but does not have a Novell account –
Customer will be required to create an NCC account with the email
address matching their their MyNetIQ login. Aside from the email
address, the customer may use any username, password, and contact
information they would like. Any differences between the NCC account
and MyNetIQ account will be reconciled in favor of the NCC account.

(4) Does not have a MyNetIQ account – Customer creates a new Novell
account or uses an existing Novell account to access MyNetIQ. No
intervention is necessary.

Customer Care

Customer Care should be available to handle common customer issues. The
most common type of call will likely be questions regarding the
creation of the new account. Another issue that may arise during the
first few days after the transition are customers attempting to use a
new email address and needing entitlements moved from the old MyNetIQ
account to the new one.


IS&T will be available to handle bugs, outages, or other issues that
are beyond the scope of the Customer Care team. IS&T staff should watch
for any incidents that involve access to MyNetIQ. Any incident matching
this description should be forwarded to the L2 support, who will assign
them as necessary. In the few days following the release, engineers
from Novell and NetIQ will be handling issues in an expedited manner.
After this period, support requests will be prioritized according to
standard IS&T protocol.

Sales and Product Support

Customers may first come to a sales or support engineer regarding their
access to MyNetIQ. Please refer the customer to their notification
email and/or the article posted in If the
customer is still having an issue, please open a case with Customer
Care or IS&T. Last, but not least, keep in mind that MyNetIQ is now
using NetIQ eDirectory and Access Manager, and this is an opportunity
to demonstrate NetIQ technology in action.


For questions or feedback, please contact

—NetIQ Account Integration Project Team

Kim - 2/11/2013 2:48:15 PM