OBS BuildRequire gcc46 for SLE_11_SP2 results "unresolvable"

Hi there,

I would like to compile a package with gcc/c++ 4.6 for SLES11 SP2 within OBS.

I tried to insert the following rules in the relate spec file:

BuildRequires: gcc46 gcc46-c++
export CC=gcc-4.6
export CXX=g++-4.6

But this will result in an “unresolvable” status with the hint:
“conflict for provider of libgcc43, (provider libgcc43 is conflicted by installed libgcc46), conflict for provider of libgomp1 >= 4.6.20110701-0.13.9 needed by gcc46, (provider libgomp46 is conflicted by installed libgomp43)”

As suggested in another thread I set the Prefer statement in the project configuration file:

osc meta prjconf -e

Prefer: gcc46
Prefer: gcc46-c++
Prefer: libgcc46
Prefer: libgomp46

But nothing is changed. Same “unresolvable” error.

In a stand-alone installation of SLES11 SP2 all is working fine after the installation of the complete gcc64 stack and removing the libgcc43.

Is there a way to force the use of gcc 4.6 on SLE_11_SP2 builds?

Best regards,
Ettore Simone

You should only need to use BuildRequires: gcc gcc-c++ if the Prefer is
set, do you have a link to your project, or is it a private instance?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Hi Malcolm,

The project link is here: Boost C++ Libraries

Unfortunately without the following lines inside the spec file it did not work:

BuildRequires: gcc46
#!BuildIgnore: libgomp43
#!BuildIgnore: libgcc43

The “Ignore” directive in the Project Conf is not effective.

Best regards,
Ettore Simone


I am not able to find openssl-devel, libopenssl-devel for sles 11 sp2/ sp3 32 bit operating system. And for sles11 64bit we can find libopenssl-devel and zlib-devel manually but couldn’t find openssl-devel.

I tried finding these packages in OS image, but these were not there.


This is a pretty old thread; if you checked DVD 2 (where most devel things
seem to hang out) and not just the main DVD 1 (primary installation media)
then you may want to start a new thread or perhaps checking the SUSE
download site (download.suse.com) where you can browse by product (SLES)
and then use a keyword search (openssl) to limit results.

Good luck.

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