Official original repository SLES 15 SP2

because of a mistake i lost all the repos in my /etc/zypp/repos.d so now i can’t update my server with zypper.
Can someone write me the original official repos for my SLES version or the website site where i can retrieve them?
Thanks a lot in advance

@“” Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Just use the SUSEConnect command to either readd product or cleanup and re-register the system…

SUSEConnect --list-extensions
SUSEConnect -p <from list above>

SUSEConnect --cleanup
SUSEConnect --de-register
SUSEConnect -e <scc emalil> -r <reg code>

@malcolmlewis Thansk a lot, fortunatly the repos were right (i thought they were wrong because i saw a long string after the domain name in the base URL); instead i updated the SO with Yast Online mode very simple and now i am at the SP3 releae…
Thanks a lot

Good thing you noticed the mistake and corrected on your own.