Old SLES Linux ISOs...

Does anybody know where I can find SLES 11 (no SP) ISOs for various hardware platforms. I understand the ISOs are not supported, but this is for a customer who will not upgrade and we need to build software on a particular version of SLES (non SP versions). I have been in contact with SUSE sales and they tell me to come here and ask. A quick search here did not show anything promising.

AFAIK they are not hosted anymore, on the old forum was a list maintained by @smflood he pops into the Forum but maybe he can provide a link. I do have sets of the images (Install and SDK) here but for x86 and x86_64.

Thanks Malcom. I will IM @smflood and ask if he still has the links.

Hi Dan,
I got your IM but I’m replying publicly for the benefit of others.
The list @malcolmlewis referred to was an article I maintained on the old forum site listing the various download URLs of (I think) SDKs which of course I didn’t think to save before the site was migrated.
Now SUSE have truly split from Micro Focus (MF) it’s hard to find old ISOs but I have found 64-bit SLES 11 (no SP) ISOs available for download as part of other old MF products - see https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=cDNISXYHMig~ or https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=jQb6QTO-Elc~ . Unfortunately I haven’t yet found a 64-bit PowerPC download - I think the filename is SLES-11-DVD-ppc64-GM-DVD1.iso but even if you find it on a random web/FTP site can you trust it?
Ironically I threw out loads of old Novell (pre-MF) Support Connection media about 2-3 weeks ago!