Open-vm-tools running but not seen by vCenter

I’m running ROS 1.1.0 with open-vm-tools running but vCenter still says VMware tools not installed. I’ve rebooted after the initial install but I still don’t see it in vCenter. Is there any special configuration that needs to be done?

Can you share what vCenter version you are using and what the logs of open-vm-tools say?

_I’m running vCenter 6.5 and after looking at the logs it’s pretty clear what happened. _

[rancher@rancher ~]$ sudo ros service logs open-vm-tools
ERRO[0000] Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
ERRO[0000] Failed to load service(open-vm-tools): Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authorit
No such service: open-vm-tools

It’s being blocked by our content filtering system. I’ll get that site white-listed and try again.