Rancher containers stuck in "Networking"


I just updated docker on my host and needed to restart it. After that and a bit of debugging, the state is …

  • System: Rancher 1.1.4 (the first two migration attempts to 1.2 was a desaster, so we did not migrate yet - it’s planned though)
  • docker is running
  • rancher-agent is running
  • rancher agent is showing as “active” in the Hosts view
  • a lot of containers show as state “Networking” in Rancher UIs
  • NO container is actually being scheduled on the host by the Rancher agent (docker ps shows the agent, the instance, and that’s it)

… and I am clueless. The only thing I changed for which I needed to restart docker is the log driver.

Ideas? (Please don’t say “use 1.2+”, this is not an option in the current situation)

I restarted rancher-master, and that seems to have solved it.
can’t wait until we get rancher 1.2+ …