Packer-vSphere-Rancher - unholy trio of trouble (need help)

Hi there, I’m trying to use packer (and the builder plugin from jetbrains ‘vsphere-iso’) to create a preconfigured vm running rancheros.
According to the docs here one can provide a list of files that are put onto a floppy device:

floppy_files(array of strings) - List of local files to be mounted to the VM floppy drive. Can be used to make Debian preseed or RHEL kickstart files available to the VM.

Now, I’m trying to put my cloud-config.yml file on the floppy device so I can use the file to then pass to the ros install bit. The problem is I’m not seeing the expected floppy device /dev/fd0. Also vsphere tells me that yes I have a floppy drive, but its attached to an unknown device.
Now, this very well could be a problem with the plugin, and I will approach that avenue next, but I was wondering if there is a known issue with floppy drives, or where I should look for it.