Parted cannot read the partitions

Hi Folks

We need to do a clean re-install of SLES 10.3 on a HP server.
We trashed the hardware RAID partitions on the HP DL380G7 and re-created them and then went for our install but the installation fails with the following message:
“The partitioning on disk /dev/cciss/c0d0 is not readable by the partitioning tool parted with is used to change the partition table.”

We have lots of SLES servers running on the same hardware platform in the same config and this problem only seems to be an issue on re-installs. There are 2 RAID 5 arrays - 8 disks of 1TB which the system can definitely see but apparantly not read. To test the hardware I managed to install W2K R2 so am assuming they are fine.

Have had a look throught he boards but can’t find anything that seems to fit.
Any suggestions warmly welcomed folks!!


So did you install drivers for the hardware RAID devices as part of the

You can pop out to a console session (aka VT) via alt+ctrl+Fn just like
a running system (alt+ctrl+F7) to get back to the GUI install if it’s
running and check the output from dmesg or alt+ctrl+F10 to see kernel
messages which may provide more info.

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Hi Malcolm

Thanks for the reply. Think we should be OK on drivers -reason I say this is that I just created a 1 TB partition and SLES was happy to install. I am not sure why it won’t go for the 2 RAID partitions though as out of the box when we configure these they work but when we go for the re-install they don’t!

Create a small /boot partition then maybe 256 MB and see if that helps.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Thanks Malcolm - think I have cracked it - for some reason SLES was still reading partition info even though RAID array had been deleted and re-created
To resolve, booted SLES and went via rescue system into parted when I could see the partitions and then removed them. SLES now installs fine.
Thanks for your help!