Please confirm my thoughts re: Updates

I’ve been asked by a customer to determine the address used by SLES when updating, so that they may allow it through their firewall. Currently these systems are very locked down and have no method of updating.

I’ve been examining /var/log/zypper.log and can see multiple references to so I believe that this is the address required. Is this the only address that I need to ask the customer to allow through their corporate firewall in order to successfully update these systems? I suspect that this resolves to one of many mirrors depending on load or similar.


Yes this is correct, if a proxy is involved it should accept Novell
domain (or at least selected sites used like and without authentication.

You need to populate proxy setting in YAST and to add two lines
with your proxy information to /etc/profile, for example:

export http_proxy=“
export https_proxy=“

As well as the /root/.curlrc

This also covers system registration via a proxy.

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