Please Help i am getting Basesystem_module error


@linuxnoob69 Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile: :wink:

Can you provide the output from output from cat /etc/os-release and zypper lr -E.

This system has access to the internet or air gapped?

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bro currently don’t have laptop with me, u know what is problem ? u can tell me some common problem?
thanks for support :grinning:

@malcolmlewis1 is internet issue means my not have access to internet?

@linuxnoob69 yes, no internet may be the issue, do you have the original install media, this is why asked about repo info from zypper lr -E

ok. and bro we can lock our repos so no body update using any package when he/she trying to update that error come package not found or nothing do like that

@linuxnoob69 I suspect so…