Pod logs are not showing

Do you know what are the requirements to view the logs and execute shell on pods?
When I click execute shell on a pod in Cluster Explorer, it opens a commandline window without a prompt and nothing happens when I type.
Same for logs. It opens up the window but no logs are shown.

You don’t technically open a shell on a pod, you open it on a container within a pod, so from the Rancher UI you’ll see a dropdown for the container (which I don’t recall if it’s grayed out, works with one item, or is hidden for a pod with only 1 container).

The next trick is that containers have different base images. Some base images don’t have a shell (such as scratch, which is used by a lot of Go applications) and others might have a shell but not set it as the entry point so I’m not sure if the UI knows or if you have to do CLI to specify to run /bin/sh or similar.

I was playing around with the default Monitoring in Rancher from the marketplace and I opened a shell into the Grafana pod and as I recall there were two containers and at least two of them had shells available through the UI. Maybe check a container you’re sure has a shell?

For logging, remember you’re at the mercy of the developer for how much and how helpful logs are, so lack of logs might mean a problem with it running or might just mean an unhelpful developer.