Point a service to an already running container

I’m trying rancher for some days and there are some things that i’m missing.

Load balacing is a great integrated option in rancher, and i installed rancher based on what i see here:

So after the install, i attached 2 hosts with already running containers and try to load balacing 2 container from different host… and here i’ve the problem.
In the video above, it’s possible to point a load balancer to 2 different container, but in the new version that I installed is possible only to add a service to the load balancer.

So my question is: Does it possible to create a service from an existing running container so i can add it to a load balancer?

I’ve several container that is generated manually from dockerfiles and others deployed from dokku.


You can create a service with a selector label, io.rancher.service.selector.container, to have the existing container join a service. The existing container would need a label on it for the selector label to work.

Then you can load balance the service.

Thanks Denise, but how can i add a label to an existing container?