Portainer (Swarm UI) not available


After upgrading my rancher installation to 1.5.1, I created a new environment with Swarm as engine and added three hosts in it. Everything seems fine except the Portainer UI is missing. I’m getting a “Service unavailable” on a white page only.

Any hints on where to look or what to do?


@baskin - can you check the infrastructure stack page and see if there is a portainer stack there. If not click on Add from Catalog button and add the portainer.io template.

No portainer is not listed on infrastructure stack and also there is no Catalog tab when I select the Swarm enviroment. Catalog tab appears if I select the default env (where I have 2 hosts with cattle engine) and on another env where I use kubernetes. On the swarm env there is no catalog at all…

Correction… Although there is no catalog tab, from the infrastructure stacks I can see the catalog and added portainer. Now it is accessible and works. Thanks for the hint! Although it should be deployed by default as long as you create a swarm environment, I suppose.