Possible to remove cluster from 2.4.8 server and import it on a fresh 2.5 server?


due to a wrong installation method (single node) we would like to migrate our existing kubernetes cluster to a newer and HA-rancher-kubernetes cluster.

Can someone tell me if it’s safe to do following:

  1. remove (previously imported) cluster from our 2.4.8 single-node rancher installation
  2. register this cluster again on our new kubernetes-managed 2.5 rancher-cluster?

We already tried this with our development cluster and it worked fine, the only thing which was necessary to do was to:

  • create user/admin accounts again
  • reassign all namespaces to the corresponding rancher projects

Would be nice to get some more opinions on this, right now it looks more or less safe :smiley:

Also does someone know what happens if one kubernetes cluster is registered/imported to two rancher instances at the same time (like 2.4.8 and 2.5 at the same time) - I know its probably really a bad Idea - just want to get a better understanding if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Ok, we did it #yolo.

Was no problem, worked fine.