What is your experiences from migrating Rancher to a new cluster?

I just tried to migrate Rancher 2.7.0 from one of my lab clusters to a new cluster using the method described here: Migrating Rancher to a New Cluster | Rancher Manager

After migration I found that one secret in fleet-default in the old cluster wasnt “copied” so I had to apply this manually after the restore.
The restore log from “kubectl logs -n cattle-resources-system --tail 100 -f -l app.kubernetes.io/instance=rancher-backup” only contains INFO entries, nothing else.

  • Im wondering if this behaviour is expected?
  • Could there be more kubernetes resources that needs to be copied manually after migration? I dont have a full understanding how the production cluster is setup and we plan to do the same migration there soon.
  • Does anyone have any experiences to share about Rancher migration to another cluster ?

Thanks …