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Dear ab,

[CODE]My first guess anytime there is high load is always to check disks. Load
average, as you may know, is the number of processes executing on the CPU
or in a waiting state, so kind of the line of things needing to be
processed regardless of how much processing each one has to do. As a
result, this number is a bit relative as if you have sixty-four (64)
logical CPUs then having this kind of load average is not as terrible as
if you are on a single CPU VM. If a process waits on a disk, then the
utilization may be low but anything needing access to that disk will
probably be behind the first process, and they may all be waiting, so that
may grow, and it’s a sign of a disk needing to perform better.

Where your ‘ls’ command never returns, this may be a good indicator that
that particular disk is busy. Where it is OCFS2 it may not even be local,
but could be on a SAN or something, so maybe the problem is even over
Your output also shows two KVM-based virtual machines (VM) and
while I presume they are not using OCFS2 for their disks, I cannot tell
from here.


i write you a pm because you said you don’t use the web interface often.
I hope that’s ok.

Why do you presume that the VM’s are not using OCFS2 ? Indeed they are.
Is it a problem ?