Private message from Eugen

Hello Ross,

I saw your reply to a certification question in the SUSE forum, so I decided to ask you directly, I hope that is okay, please ignore the question if not. :wink:

It has been almost six weeks since I took the mentioned exam where I encountered an error in one question. I’ll just paste the content of my last email to

I took the 050-751-SCA-EntStor-5 exam on August 16th, a problem occurred in one question where I was not allowed to type in the correct command due to character limitations.

Question 37 was asking for a command to map an rbd image called “vmstore” from pool “block”. So my answer was supposed to be:

“rbd map block/vmstore”

but I could only type until this:

“rbd map block/vmstor”

There was no freeze of the application or anything else going on. Of course there’s an alternative in case the slash would not be accepted (rbd map -p block vmstore) but this command was also not entirely accepted, so the monitor advised me to write an email to, but they replied:

Unfortunately PSI only assists with proctoring and scheduling the exam. For any assistance in regards to any exam content questions please contact Suse for assistance. You may contact SUSE at for assistance.[/QUOTE]

When contacting (twice) I didn’t even get a response yet. I also tried several other options, the last response was from Rosemary McKee:

Since it has already been almost six weeks since I first contacted SUSE I would just like to know if my request has been seen by anyone responsible for the certification. It would be great if you could confirm that someone is looking into it.

Best regards,
Eugen Block