Private message from Jens-U

Hi Hans, hi Kim,

it seems that as of today, I cannot login to… sort of.

First of all: I tried clearing all cookies for *, *, *, restarted the Firefox browser and even tried “private mode”. I also tried the same procedure via my mobile phone, with the same results.

I can login to just fine.

When visiting, I have the “login” button in the upper right, press it and enter my credentials. After submitting these, I can see the usual call to, but upon the automatic return to I again have the login button instead of the personalized greeter.

What I didn’t notice at first: Right then, I have the KP forums in the list of accessible forums, I even see that new forum messages are available. But clicking one of these (or simply reloading the page) takes me back to the forum start page, but without the KP forums. I can repeat that in circles: log in, see the KP links, reload (or select KP forum) and back to square one.

As I obviously cannot access the KP forums - is this a known problem, or can anyone else log in just fine? I already double-checked cookies (and cookie exceptions list), but of course there are more drastic things I might try. But my smartphone browser shows the same results, so I’m reluctant to blame the browsers…