Private message from Jens-U

Hi Simon,

unfortunately I cannot login to at the moment. Luckily works, so here comes my reply to your forum message:

Yes, I’ve seen the layout of the “booth” (more of an advertising column :slight_smile: ). What Kim forwarded may be read as “no BYOD in that section, please”, that’s why I asked. I’ll bring along at least a tablet (in hope of a usable Wifi connection) and would like to use it even while “guarding our booth”.

Regarding the booth concept: it doesn’t look like we might have any lockers or stow room built into the column, so at least I wouldn’t want to deposit anything at our booth while being away from it. This rules out bringing own equipment to the show unless one is willing and able to carry it around all the time… I had hoped for more, but of course will live with what we get :wink:

Best regards,