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Hi, my name is Sontaya @Asia, Thailand. I work as Linux system administrator, Webmaster, Forum Admin, Web moderator and blogger. I give tips and show some tricks from my work life in this blog and SUSE Linux users community.

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SUSE and openSUSE are trademarks of Attachmate Group, Inc. - [COLOR="#FF0000"]WE ARE NOT IN ANY WAY ASSOCIATED WITH SUSE AND ATTACHMATE GROUP[/COLOR]. is a SUSE Linux user and community found in Thailand but not limited to other country suse linux user to join in. Currently active contents (How to’s, Scripts, Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Linux Command Line, and Troubleshooting) this suse linux how to’s and expert support are SUSE Linux.

[COLOR="#006400"]How to for get donation and support from international partner or @SUSE, @Novell?[/COLOR] To for develop and promote SUSE products on our SUSE Linux users community of Thailand.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Free promote. But not receive donation from Partner of Thailand.[/COLOR]

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