Private Registry Support

I’m trying to set up an on premise rancher 2 cluster (version 2.0.4), and i noticed, while reading the docs, that rancher 2 doesn’t support authentication in a private registry, meaning - i can’t set up a rancher 2 cluster in my isolated network unless i have a docker registry that supports anonymous pulls (I’m using a nexus 3.1 which doesn’t have this feature).
so my question is this - will a certain version of rancher 2 support private registries with authentication enabled ? or should i be looking to set a completely new docker registry ? (or perhaps keep working on rancher 1.6.x)

Yes it does support it :


Might be of interest to you:

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Nexus 3.X does support that feature - it’s a bit convoluted as to which toggles to switch on / off, but I have it running in my setup without a hitch!

I know that nexus 3.6 supports it.
I have nexus 3.1 however.

Did the doc link provided ny @ml2 answer your question ?

I must say I find the notion that a registry is treated as a secret somewhat odd !