Rancher 2.0 and private registries

While reading https://rancher.com/blog/2018/2018-05-01-how-to-setup-rancher-2-in-an-airgapped-environment/ there is a note that rancher 2.0 cannot pull itself from a registry that requires credentials. Is this something that is on the roadmap to address and if so conceivably for this year?

in Rancher 2.0, only registries without authentication are supported for getting all images needed to get Rancher 2.0 up and running. This does not affect configurable Registries to be used in Workloads.

This means that you can use a private registry with authentication for running your applications (workloads) but you cannot use a private registry with authentication as the source for the components from which Rancher 2.0 is comprised.