Problem : Rancher not pulling the good image from private registry

Hi everybody,

We use Rancher for all our plateforms (including production) : It’s so, so magic : Thanks @Team

But, for one day we have a strange problem : When upgrading a service, rancher doesn’t pull the good image from our private registry.
We try to specify http://xx.yy:5000/A:B:latest => Doesn’t work : I mean, an old image is pulled… and the container starts with this old image.
We try to specify http://xx.yy:5000/A:B:BUILD_NUMBER => It works, but we don’t want to change the build number for each deployement :slight_smile:

Any idea ?

Are you sure that you have enabled “Always pull image before creating” while creating service, or you have label “io.rancher.container.pull_image: always” set in your docker-compose.yml ?

Thanks, your right, it’s better.
Strange point is that we never use it before and it worked like a charm - anyway : we will check it.