Problems when monitors are turned off

Using workstation HP z440 with Nvidia NVS 510 and 3 monitors HP z27n. When the monitors are switched off, it is very difficult to get them running again. Sometimes only a reboot helps.

Does this happen with any other type of monitor? Does it happen if you
only have one monitor plugged in?

When this happens, can you SSH into the system to see if it is doing
anything unusual?

Are there any error messages from the time period of your attempts to get
back in, even if viewed after rebooting?

Do you have a screensaver, or other power saving settings, and does it
happen if those are disabled?

Which version of SLES are you running, with which SP/patches?

Good luck.

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Thanks ab for your reply and the questions.
I’ll try to follow it up.
We use SLES11 SP4