Proxy Issue for Docker Registry Access

I’m running behind a corporate firewall so pulling down containers fails.

However, I’ve set up an SSH SOCKS5 proxy but it only works for user Docker, not system Docker.

$ all_proxy=socks5://localhost:1080/ docker pull rancher/os-openvmtools WORKS
$ all_proxy=socks5://localhost:1080/ system-docker pull rancher/os-openvmtools FAILS

I initially tried change them via:

$ ros config set rancher.system_docker.environment ‘[all_proxy=socks5://localhost:1080]’
$ ros config set rancher.docker.environment ‘[all_proxy=socks5://localhost:1080]’

and rebooting the VM to insure they were noticed, but nope, system Docker fails to use
the SOCKS5 proxy I have running, according to the SOCKS5 logs and the system-docker error message about cannot connect to host.

Anything I’m obviously doing wrong?