pthread on SLES 11 SP2, priority issue

I have been facing an issue recently with threading, pthread on SLES 11, SP2.

I am running a program which create few threads and then attempts to update thread priority. But it returns error when I try updating priority. I have tried changing priorities via pthread_create() and pthread_setschedparam() but no joy.

The error code from pthread_create was EPERM

(EPERM == “The caller does not have appropriate permission to set the required scheduling parameters or scheduling policy”)

Surprisingly, I am running this program as root user.

Have done minor updates to the kernel values i.e. clock ticks, I think which does not relates to it but thought should tell you. But as such using default kernel which comes with this installation.

Thanks for looking at this.

we have a support contract with NOVELL but thats not even enable me to log a service request. apprently we never used this account in past and upon calling people in the UK call centre, they keep avoiding and disconnecting call. shame!