Severe clock skew!


I have a SLES 10 (x86) SP2 virtual machine (running on KVM) running
Groupwise webaccess . It was running great for almost a year but for the
past couple months it has been experiencing severe clock skew. If left
untouched it will get weeks ahead which in turn moves the Groupwise
calendar ahead. This is what I have tried so far:

Changing NTP server in yast to local eDir/NTP master server
Unchecking “run NTP in chroot jail”
Editing /etc/ntp.conf
Editing /etc/sysconfig/ntp

None of the above has made a difference. I have discovered that the NTP
init script does not shut down NTP (at least on my server). I have to
kill NTP manually.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance



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