StorageOS PVC and terminated Host

I created a pod using Scalable deployment of
1 pod with a StorageOS PVC with 1 replica and everything comes up and I can exec to the pod and see the mounted PVC
Now I wanted to test the HA so I stopped to node that was hosting the pod
within my time out that I specified in my cluster.yml file a new pod we provisioned on the healthy node however it wouldn’t bound the PVC with error
Multi-Attach error for volume “pvc-fa00ea57-d56c-11e9-9f22-0e4f4addda0a” Volume is already used by pod(s) test-748b999789-95z4g

I expected that StorageOS would mark the PVC as lost and attach the replica to the new node
I can’t make any storage solution to do this I tried Longhorn and it behaves the same