PXE boot need to install?

So I have my machines PXE booting into RancherOS. My question is do I need to install RancherOS to the disk now using the cloud-config?

I want the OS to run in Ram but save the docker images, etc. to the hard disks.

Is it recommended to run the OS in a ramdisk ( since it’s only 30mb or so ). Or should all my machines PXE boot, install to the hard disk and reboot into the installed version of the OS?



take a look at persisting state / RANCHER_STATE

It should work.

I did this and it still downloads the images to ram and doesn’t persist through reboots. Any ideas?

How did you set to boot RancherOS via pxe ?
I want to boot via dhcp ,tftp and pxe ,but I don’t know what I need lay in tftpboot directory .