How could I boot RancherOS with iPXE


I tried to boot RancherOS from usb (iso with dd to usb stick) and via pxe boot (not supported).

So I would try ipxe boot. But how does it work? Is there a ipxe iso / image?! I have a working pxe setup, but don’t know how ipxe works…
How to setup ipxe or build an image / iso?


Ok, after some tests it works…

Press CTRL+B for iPXE console

# configure nic with dhcp first!
iPXE> dhcp

iPXE> kernel console=ttyS0,115200 ok

iPXE> initrd ok 

iPXE> boot

I’m not an iPXE expert, but we had also documented how to boot with iPXE.

Hello Denise,

got it working. Found iPXE basics in the internet. See my post above.

Opened an issue at github nic firmware loading problem related.