Cluster Manager - Secrets "cattle-system/c-xxxxx" not found

Hey fellow community,

i have an issue with two of my rancher managed RKE clusters. For some reason i do not know exactly why, the secrets for the clusters are lost. In the Cluster manager list i can get the error message: Secrets "cattle-system/c-xxxxx" not found .

The full error log from a rancher server pod (rancher/rancher:v2.6.2):

povisioning cluster [c-xxxx]

2022/01/08 21:52:40 [INFO] Updating cluster [c-xxxxx]
2022/01/08 21:52:45 [INFO] kontainerdriver rancherkubernetesengine listening on address
2022/01/08 21:52:45 [INFO] kontainerdriver rancherkubernetesengine stopped

2022/01/08 21:52:45 [ERROR] error syncing 'c-xxxx': handler cluster-provisioner-controller: secrets "cattle-system/c-c-65mvh" not found, handler certificate-expiration: secrets "cattle-system/c-c-xxxx" not found, requeuing

Is there any way to restore this secrets?

The cluster still exists in rancher and is accessible, but one is marked as error and one is marked as update state. cattle-node-agents pods are also still running.

I’m thankful for ever advice. Thanks in advance!