Rancher 1.2 HA Error

I’m getting a strange error on a new Rancher 1.2 HA install behind an F5 ELB, I can access the site at the ELB address over HTTPS but when I click on anything at all, it tells me to reload or log out. Specifically, it says “Reload to try again or log out”.

I don’t see any errors in the docker logs, though I may not be looking in the right place. I don’t have any access control set up yet so I don’t think it’s the LDAP TLS issue.

Any ideas?

Open up the browser dev tools -> networking tab and reload the page… presumably one (or more) API calls are failing. Also if using 1.2.0 you’ll want to upgrade (or reinstall) to 1.2.1.

Vincent, thanks for the response. I have upgraded to 1.2.2 and still have the same issue. I don’t see much in the dev tools but I do have this in the docker logs for the container.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant io.github.ibuildthecloud.gdapi.model.Schema.Method.OPTIONS

This seems to come up with almost everything I click on. The “Add Template” in the environments section works, but I cannot click on “Add Environment”. All other menu items are broken.

Well, I figured that out almost as soon as I posted my response. I had Github authentication turned on and was only able to change that on a non-SSL connection to the cluster.

I turned on localauth and now when I try to log in, the page goes right back to the log in screen. I don’t see any activity on the docker logs via docker logs -f . This happens via http or https.

Maybe I’m not understanding the way this is supposed to be configured. With the older version, I had it up and running but I was running containers within the System HA environment which may not be correct. For this one, I can access it only via http and I see the cluster but then it’s asking me to add hosts. Do I add hosts back to the same hosts that are running rancher/server or do I create additional hosts?