Rancher 1.4 haproxy


We have upgraded from ranger 1.1.4 to 1.4 and are experiencing issues with our HaProxy.

HaProxy for no reason at all recreates itself causing down time:

This in the logs when it exits:

INFO[0000] KUBERNETES_URL is not set, skipping init of kubernetes controller
INFO[0000] Starting Rancher LB service
INFO[0000] LB controller: rancher
INFO[0000] LB provider: haproxy
INFO[0000] starting rancher controller
INFO[0000] Healthcheck handler is listening on :10241
INFO[0002]  -- starting haproxy
[ALERT] 039/084804 (45) : Starting frontend GLOBAL: cannot bind UNIX socket [/run/haproxy/admin.sock]
INFO[0003]  -- reloading haproxy config with the new config changes
[WARNING] 039/084805 (56) : config : 'option forwardfor' ignored for proxy 'default' as it requires HTTP mode.
INFO[0465] Received SIGTERM, shutting down
INFO[0465] Shutting down rancher controller
INFO[0465] Shutting down provider haproxy
INFO[0465] Error during shutdown shutdown already in progress
INFO[0465] Exiting with 1

Milos Zupancic

I see that HaProxy and rancher/healthcheck:v0.2.3 are restarting every 5-10 min and the whole setup is very unstable.
Rancher UI also takes a long time to reload (up to 1 min), making the whole setup unusable.

Also stats are not showing, view logs on containers are not visible (status disconnected), execute shell just opens and closes (all server are time/date synced).

Milos Zupancic