Rancher 1.6.12 Support with OneLogin IdP


I am currently working on configuring OneLogin IdP to enable SSO through for Rancher v1.6.12 (We use Rancher 1.6.12)

I am using the Shibboleth-based Access Control feature to configure the IdP metadata as well as the fields for the SAML assertion ( Displayname, UID, User Name, Groups).

For some reason when I use the " Test " feature in the Test and Enable Authentication, i get a 500 internal server error.

Can someone please help me resolve this ?

PS: Is this Rancher version compatible to configure with OneLogin Identity Provider, is the something I wanted to know

@vincent, Sir, I would really appreciate your viewpoint on this, since you have been central to answering questions on the forum related to Authentication and Access Control using different providers (OpenLDAP, GitHub, Local Authentication etc.)