Rancher 2.0 Beta Authentication

Currently. Rancher 2.0 Beta Authentication only have Active Directory and GitHub much less than 1.6? Is there a plan to support more authentication mechanism such Open LDAP ?

Not for 2.0. Local, AD, and GitHub account for almost the large majority of the usage in 1.x. The next driver added will likely be SAML.

I thought most of Enterprise Application support LDAP. No LDAP :roll_eyes:
Vote for LDAP

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I would like to request for LDAP .

It will likely be added later, but not in 2.0.0.

The reality is most of those enterprises use ActiveDirectory*. We generally know exactly what our customers use, and have a pretty good idea from telemetry what community users use. [Open]LDAP and “Azure AD”** are by far the least used options, accounting for <3% of installs in telemetry combined.

*: which is not the same as LDAP, because Microsoft / embrace, extend, extinguish
**: which is basically OAuth and has nothing to do with LDAP or ActiveDirectory at all except for the name.

@vincent Is there any way to get Rancher 2.0 to work with LDAP? I’ve modified the schema configuration in Rancher, but no such luck. I’m getting an error in my directory server logs that’s complaining about the suffix:

[12/Apr/2018:18:44:21.490232544 +0000] conn=700972 op=1 BIND dn=“username” method=128 version=3
[12/Apr/2018:18:44:21.490480078 +0000] conn=700972 op=1 RESULT err=49 tag=97 nentries=0 etime=0 - No such suffix (username)

Any assistance anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.